The Echo Nest Announces Deal with Nation’s Biggest Radio Network, Clear Channel

September 8, 2011

Millions more people all across the country will soon get a taste of The Echo Nest’s deep musical intelligence platform. We’ve announced a deal with Clear Channel Radio, the largest radio network in the country, to help its users create customized radio stations on multiple platform.

Clear Channel has made great strides with its iHeartRadio digital music platform, attracting a loyal following with hundreds of pre-programmed channels. Thanks to this new partnership with The Echo Nest, iHeartRadio users will also be able to customize channels to suit their taste and mood based on song similarity, artist similarity, and acoustic attributes.

We expect this combination of programmed and customized streaming radio to attract even more listeners — and to keep them listening. The combination of our five-billion-plus musical data points and the over-11-million songs offered by Clear Channel Radio will deliver more music to iHeartRadio users while affording them greater control over what they’re hearing.

We’re pretty excited about this news, because it will extend our technology — and with it, better music — to many more people.

The press is loving this partnership as much as we do.  You can read some of the coverage here.