The Echo Nest Goodness API

April 1, 2009

Today here at The Echo Nest, we are unveiling a new API that solves the problem of music discovery, once and for all.

For years, people have found it difficult to find good music. There is just so much bad music out there it makes it hard to find the good music. Until now, music fans have had to rely on technologies like collaborative filtering to find music based on the wisdom of the crowds, but while this technology just finds music that other people are listening to, it doesn’t tell you whether or the music is good or bad. 

At the Echo Nest, we think the answer to this problem is to actually tell you what music is good and what music is bad.  Today we are releasing The Echo Nest Goodness API.  The  Goodness API applies the company’s advanced web crawling, language processing and audio analysis platform to help music fans everywhere separate music worth listening to from music that should be avoided. With the Goodness API, developers can query the Echo Nest platform with an artist name. For any artist, the Echo Nest’s Musical Brain returns a numerical value, indicating the overall Goodness of the artist.

We are also including, as part of the API access to our ‘InstantCritic’ (tm) technology that will provide a one sentence description of how you should feel about an artist.

The documentation for the new API can be found on our developer site: get_goodness.  A demonstration of the technology can be found here: To use the demo, just type in the name of an artist and we will return a number between zero and one that indicates how good the artist is, along with the InstantCritic (tm) report for that artist.  Even with this simple demo, you will be spared from ever having to listen to Viva La Vida again.

Personally, I am quite excited about this technology. Had this tool been available years ago, I would have avoided spending hundreds of dollars in Meatloaf albums and glow-in-the-dark posters.