Which Musicians Do People in 50 States Simply Not Have Time For?

February 28, 2014

Hot on the heels of his widely-viewed maps of the most distinctive and favorite recording artists in each of the 50 states, The Echo Nest director of developer platform Paul Lamere published a new map on Friday highlighting the artists people in each state listen to the least, relative to people in other states.

Based on the anonymized listening data of approximately 250K music-streaming Americans, this latest foray into regional listening preferences depicts the artists that music fans in each state listen to abnormally less than the people in the rest of the country.

As Paul puts it, these are the “Most Ignored Artists” in each state, representing their “anti-preferences”:

Not only does this make for an interesting conversation piece (what does Florida have against Haim, or Texas against Bon Iver?), but it has possible implications for our Music Discovery & Personalization solution, as Paul notes on his Music Machinery blog:

"If we know where a music listener lives, but we know nothing else about them, we can potentially improve their listening experience by giving them music based upon their local charts instead of the global or national charts. We can also improve the listening even if we don’t know where the listener is from. As we can see from the map, certain artists are polarizing artists, liked in some circles and disliked in others. If we eliminate the polarizing artists for a listener that we know nothing about, we can reduce the risk of musically offending the listener. Of course, once we know a little bit about the music taste of a listener we can greatly improve their recommendations beyond what we can do based solely on demographic info such as the listener location."

For more details on how the chart was made, as well as a list of the most ignored artists in New Hampshire, check out Paul’s post on Music Machinery.