Rhapsody Unveils Perfectly Personalized Radio, Powered by The Echo Nest

November 1, 2013

Today, Rhapsody rolled out brand new song and artist radio stations, powered by The Echo Nest’s Music Discovery and Personalization solution.

Over a million music fans can now enjoy amazing, personalized radio stations based on over 20 million songs, or on any of the artists who recorded them, using Rhapsody’s updated iOS and Android apps.

Each ad-free station starts out with great programming (artist, song and genre-based) powered by our platform. As you listen, rate songs, build stations, skip tracks, and so on, we apply our Taste Profile technology to continuously improve and personalize your listening experience.

On top of that, you can tweak any song or artist station with the Variety Tuner bar, also powered by The Echo Nest. This makes the station adhere more tightly to its original song or artist, or play more adventurous and diverse fare.

We find this partnership with Rhapsody particularly exciting because Rhapsody’s one million subscribers represent some of the most engaged and passionate streaming music fans. Together with Rhapsody, we can now help deliver a more personalized music experience that allows fans to better discover and engage with music they love. After all, that’s what we’re all about — helping customers understand the world of music so they can build smarter music experiences that allow fans to discover, share and interact with music they love.

This new collaboration with Rhapsody around personalized song and artist radio stations is available to Rhapsody and Napster subscribers in the U. S. and 18 countries throughout Europe and Latin America.

The apps are available for iOS and Android.

Rhapsody subscribers can access the new stations here:

You can opt for more or less variety within any station:

Thumbing up this track adds to the user’s Taste Profile, improving their experience across all the stations:

You can read more about Rhapsody’s new personalized radio on Rhapsody’s blog.