The Echo Nest And Getty Images Upgrade Stale Album Art

October 29, 2013

Jimi Hendrix At Monterey
MONTEREY CA - JUNE 18: Jimi Hendrix performs onstage at the Monterey Pop Festival on June 18, 1967 in Monterey, California. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Music apps, sites, and services have their work cut out for them, in attracting today’s music fans — a face-melting user interface and powerful discovery features are important, but they don’t represent the whole picture. When it comes to representing music graphically, their simplest and easiest solution has typically been to include album cover art.

However, music is no longer delivered primarily by album. It’s time for services to offer more dynamic and engaging images of the artists themselves, in addition to displaying art for their albums. And now, they can do so, without worrying about quality, licensing, or scalability.

As part of a recent deal, Getty Images and The Echo Nest will deliver amazing artist images to music fans on a variety of services. The Echo Nest will curate and deliver tens of thousands of Getty Images’ high-quality artist images to select customers of its Dynamic Music Data solution, which currently include MTV, Nuance, the BBC, Yahoo! Music, and other top music services and music content providers.

The Echo Nest’s Dynamic Music Data solution makes it easy to build rich music experiences that display the latest artist bios, images, videos, news, blog posts and other dynamic content from around the web. Unlike basic music metadata providers, The Echo Nest combines real-time music content feeds with its unique descriptive artist data including 700+ genres, artist “hotttnesss,” artist familiarity, and other attributes that help to power unique, engaging user experiences.

With the addition of tens of thousands of world-class photographs of the most popular artists in the world, The Echo Nest’s Dynamic Music Data solution can power vibrant, visually-alluring music apps, sites, and services, enhancing their ability to attract and retain users.

You can read more about the deal on Billboard and in our press release.

Find out more about The Echo Nest Dynamic Music Data (or see the .pdf for more detail).