The Echo Nest and Microsoft Turn the Web into One Big Music Player

October 21, 2013

Microsoft launched the latest version of Windows last week, version 8.1 — and with it, a great new way for music fans to listen to the songs and artists they encounter online.

Xbox Music Web Playlist is a new feature that scans all of the music available on a given Web page and creates a custom playlist in Xbox music with the simple touch of a button. Just share the Web page to the Xbox Music app on Windows 8.1, which takes seconds, and your music starts playing instantly.

This new tool is powered by The Echo Nest and turns the Web — music blogs, reviews, social shares, Wikipedia listings, radio station playlists, music festival Websites, and other music centric sites — into a massive music discovery engine.

Web Playlist has rolled out as part of Windows 8.1 for desktops, laptops, and tablet PCs. To use Microsoft’s new Xbox Music Web Playlist feature, powered by The Echo Nest, music fans should:

  • Use Windows 8.1 in Modern mode (i.e. not Classic) with Internet Explorer (for people with Windows 8 devices, simply get the free update from the Windows Store to take advantage of the new feature).

  • Sign in with a Microsoft account.

  • Click the “Share” button in the Charms menu while looking at a Website with music on it, sharing the page to Xbox Music.

One thing music fans won’t have to do in order to use Web Playlist is pay. It comes free with Windows 8.1, which is free for Windows 8 users, and it works with the free version of Xbox Music.

We’re very pleased to be working with Microsoft on this innovative new music experience, especially considering the scale and reach of Microsoft Windows 8.1. Congrats to the Windows and Xbox Music teams on this very cool application.