Support for Facebook artist IDs

June 10, 2011

We have just released an update to our API to support Facebook artist IDs in all of our Artist methods via our Project Rosetta Stone. This means that you can use Facebook artist IDs with any Echo Nest artist call, and each Echo Nest artist-related method can be configured to return Facebook IDs.  This eliminates the slow and error prone manual mapping of one ID space to another that would otherwise need to be done if you wanted to work with both The Echo Nest and Facebook.

You can use The Echo Nest artist similar API return Facebook IDs like so:


This will return a list of artists that are similar to Weezer along with their Facebook IDs. You can use the Facebook ids to generate links to the artist pages for the artists.   For instance, one of the results returned for the Weezer artist/similar call is the band Nerf Herder with the id of facebook:artist:106094549422037.  You can use this ID to generate a link to the Nerf Herder Facebook page like so:


Similarly, if you have the Facebook ID for an artist you can use that ID in any Echo Nest artist call.  For example, you can get recent blog posts about Nerf Herder with their Facebook ID using the call: 


The new Facebook integration of artist IDs eliminates the friction between the two services, making it easy for an application developer to build applications that use both of our services.