The Echo Nest Adds Facebook to Rosetta Stone, Offers $10K Prize

June 10, 2011

Paul Lamere

Why are there so few solid Facebook music apps — and why don’t the music apps on other platforms include those handy Facebook “like” buttons, which seem to have shown up just about everywhere else?

The reason: It’s simply too hard for app developers to map links and “likes” to all of the artist pages on Facebook, because like other services, Facebook assigns its own unique identifiers and URLs to each artist.

Our solution: to integrate Facebook into Project Rosetta Stone, a translator for music IDs that lets developers hook directly into a variety of services for free: 7digital, Musicbrainz, Rdio, and others — now including Facebook.

Developers can now use Facebook IDs with The Echo Nest API, so that as they power their apps with over five billion data points about over 30 million songs and over 1.5 million artists, they can integrate their apps with Facebook to boot.

To sweeten the deal, The Echo Nest will award one of our trademark blue “Sweatsedo” suits filled with $10,000 to whichever developer makes the best music app that integrates with Facebook using Project Rosetta Stone. 

As a result of all of this, music fans can expect a new generation of socially-connected music apps to emerge not only on Facebook, but on other app platforms including smartphones, tablets and the web. And they should start seeing those “like” buttons appear in music apps. Finally.

(For more details, including information on how to enter the contest, see our press release. Facebook was not actively involved in creating this program.)