The Echo Nest Partners with SeatGeek

May 6, 2013

SeatGeek, a ticket search engine, and The Echo Nest have partnered to incorporate SeatGeek artist IDs into The Echo Nest’s Rosetta ID mapping layer making it possible to use SeatGeek IDs directly with the Echo Nest API.

This makes it easier for you to use the SeatGeek and the Echo Nest APIs together. For instance, you can call the SeatGeek API, get performer IDs in response, and use those IDs with the Echo Nest API to present more context about the artist.

Here, we make a call to the SeatGeek API to get the set of top artists that are performing nearby:

Each returned event includes a list of performances, like so:

performers”: [{name”: Rolling Stones,short_name”: Rolling Stones,url”:,type”: band,image”:,primary”: true,slug”: rolling-stones,score”: 0.80756,"images": …id”: 2597}]

We see the entry for the Rolling Stones. The SeatGeek ID for The Rolling Stones is 2597. We can use this ID directly within The Echo Nest calls; to get The Echo Nest info on the Rolling Stones using the SeatGeek ID, we can make an artist/profile call like this:

To show off the integration of SeatGeek and The Echo Nest, we’ve built a demonstration app that shows a list of top SeatGeek concerts (generated via the SeatGeek API) for any city. The app allows you to play music by the artist (via Rdio) and shows you the biography of the artist.

The application is live at this SeatGeek Demo, and the source code is on github.

The SeatGeek API is quite easy to work with. No API key is necessary. There’s lots of good data, including artist images, and an easy to understand TOS. See the SeatGeek page in The Echo Nest Developer Center for more info on the SeatGeek / Echo Nest integration.