Reebok FitList: Spotify App for Getting in Shape

March 21, 2013

reebok spotify app

Exercise does wonders for your mood, health, and physique. The biggest barrier is getting motivated, and then staying that way.

Science proves that music helps people work out, and we all know we enjoy it more with the right music.  The Reebok FitList Spotify app unites any exerciser with the perfect music for their taste, activity, and the length of their workout. It’s free, and it makes Spotify playlists you can use on all of your Spotify devices.

Powered by The Echo Nest’s deep musical intelligence about every song in the world, Reebok FitList for Spotify (Spotify link) includes a powerful playlist generator that lets fitness freaks and former couch potatoes enter the type of exercise they are going to do; the length of their workout; desired intensity; and a favorite artist upon which to base the whole thing.

Reebok FitList then instantly generates the perfect playlist for that person and what they’re doing, with high-energy music at the appropriate tempo. It includes music from that artist, but also similar artists, for just the right mix.

Any Spotify user can use Reebok FitList to create as many exercise playlists as they want, for free. Premium Spotify subscribers can sync the music to their smartphones — perfect for the gym, jog, yoga mat, or wherever else their quest for healthy living takes them.

Reebok recently launched another exercise app: Reebok Fitness, a workout planner with exercise videos.