Tech and Music Join Forces for ‘The Artist’s Hack’ at SXSW

March 5, 2013


As a founding sponsor of the Music Hack Day series, we’re always impressed by the hacks that emerge. Infinite Gangnam Style! Invisible Instruments! Echo Run!

Music Hack Days are great at bringing together coders and hardware wizards from all walks of life, and uniting them with the world’s best APIs around music, including, of course, our own. But one important community has been absent from most of them: the musicians!

They return each March like salmon to Austin’s SXSW, along with a healthy portion of the overall tech scene. It’s the perfect time and place for a Music Hack Day that loops the music community itself into the Music Hack Day equation. 

Enter: The Artist’s Hack, a first-of-its-kind hackday with a focus on bringing music, video, interactive, and any other type of artist at SXSW together with the music technology magic that never fails to emerge from these events (latest examples).

The Artist’s Hack takes place on Sunday, March 10, at Austin’s Raptor House venue. Of course we’ll be there to present and support our API, which usually figures into a large percentage of Music Hack Day creations.

Artists and technologists need each other. The Artist’s Hack will help them meet up and make some cool stuff. Both parties can RSVP here. We look forward to seeing the results.