New 7digital-US catalog released

April 1, 2011

Hey developers!  This week we’ve added 7digital-US to our set of supported Rosetta Stone catalogs.  This catalog is a subset of our 7digital catalog, containing just the artists and tracks that are licensed for distribution in the U.S.  This makes it easier for developers to build locale-specific apps on top of 7Digital content.  For example here’s a song search to find a very fast song by Led Zeppelin in the 7Digital-US catalog:

Here’s an example of using the playlist API to create a playlist based on Weezer within the 7Digital-US catalog:

The new 7Digital-US catalog cleans up a few issues we have had with our 7Digital catalog so you should have a more reliable experience using the new catalog. We will be keeping the older 7Digital catalog around for a while, but if you are building a 7Digital-based Echo Nest targeted for the U.S. you should plan on using the 7digital-US catalog.  The 7digital-US catalog is a beta release so there may still be an issue or two with the catalog (it is hard to get everything perfect when there are millions and millions of tracks), so if you do see any issues feel free to let us know.  Naturally we’ll be adding other locale based catalogs too. Look for a 7digital-UK catalog in the very near future.