What bands come from Iceland?

February 5, 2013

We’ve recently released more APIs that allow you to take advantage of the artist location data that we’ve collected for hundreds of thousands of artists.  You can now search for artists based upon where they are from. Interested in finding out which bands come from your hometown?  It is now a simple artist/search query.  Just add the artist_location parameter like so:


(sample call)

You can qualify the locations by city, region or country. This allows you to distinguish between artists from Washington D.C. and Washington State.

I made a little demo app that lets you search for artists:


The demo is online and the source is in github.

If you need to know where a particular artist is from, just add the artist_location bucket to any call that returns artist data.  Here’s a call that will tell you where the band Boston is from. (No surprise there). There’s also the super nifty Roadtrip Mixtape app that uses the Echo Nest artist location data to generate mixtapes of local artists for your roadtrip.

Even though these new artist location APIs are in beta release, they are still quite useful, so feel free to start building artist-location-based apps.