WhoSampled Joins Rosetta Stone, Opening Music App Possibilities

December 11, 2012

One of the most curious musical experiences is that uncanny sensation of hearing a familiar musical phrase in a different context. It’s familiar, but the sample sounds so new, in its reframed state — or, if you’re hearing the original song from which a sample came, the experience can be equally jarring.

Turntablists and DJs aren’t the only ones who care about hearing who sampled whom, or who could be - it’s a form of music discovery that has wide appeal. That’s why the integration of WhoSampled into Rosetta Stone, a project from The Echo Nest to help app developers make different databases talk to each other, has clear benefits for many people in or around music.

The Echo Nest has ingested artist and track IDs into Rosetta Stone for the entire WhoSampled database. We’re talking about the largest, most detailed, and most accurate database of sample-based music, cover songs, and remixes in the world.

With Rosetta Stone, a developer can now easily build apps that link any artist or track to WhoSampled, which would then display all of their related samples, covers and remixes. With over 160,000 tracks and 60,000 artists, and many more added daily, the database presents immense depth around any type of music.

Developers can obtain the artist and track IDs, deeplinking to any artist page on the WhoSampled website or iPhone app. Apps can also deeplink directly to any track within WhoSampled’s iPhone app (coming soon: web links for tracks too).

Of course, as with any Rosetta Stone partner, developers can cross-link artists and songs across the services with ease.

That list now includes: