Reddit Fave Tubalr: Powered By The Echo Nest

November 29, 2012

Earlier this week, developer Cody Jack Stewart submitted a web app he’d been working on, called Tubalr, to Reddit.

He arrived to a big surprise at work yesterday: the Reddit community had upvoted his creation to the 8th spot on the front of Reddit, leading to a massive uptick in Tubalr usage. The app turns YouTube videos into artist radio stations using APIs from YouTube (of course) and, you guessed it, The Echo Nest. Our technology figures out which songs the app should play.

"It’s not Pandora, Spotify, or Rdio… but it’s something I’ve been making the past 2 years," wrote Stewart in his Reddit post. "What do you guys think?"

The answer is in on that one. and Fast Company have more.