Rdio Taps The Echo Nest for Smart Streaming Radio

November 7, 2012

Rdio, the innovative, socially-oriented, cloud-based music service from the co-creator of Skype, is rolling out an important addition to its music service: a customized streaming radio service that will help its users enjoy its millions of songs even more.

Starting this week, the web-based version of Rdio will include this new feature, turning any artist into a streaming radio station powered by The Echo Nest. We’re working with Rdio to integrate this feature into their mobile apps soon.

"We’re excited to build upon our partnership with Rdio by powering artist radio stations on their service," said Shane Tobin, director of strategic partnerships for The Echo Nest. "Rdio has a deep understanding of the social layer that’s intrinsic to music discovery, and our platform is now helping to bridge another part of that discovery process."

The new artist radio stations will help Rdio’s users discover even more music to enjoy, which is what we are all about, ultimately. It’s a also a testament to the versatility of The Echo Nest’s musical “big data” platform.

Every customer can tailor our deep musical intelligence to solve the problems that they, specifically, want to solve. In other words, Rdio’s streaming radio service will be different from those of our other customers, as it should be.

To try Rdio’s powerful new streaming radio feature, simply point your browser to Rdio.com, find an artist, click the Play Station button, and start enjoying Rdio in a whole new way.