The Echo Nest Partners with Deezer

November 5, 2012

Last month, we announced a partnership with Deezer, the awesome social music service. In this partnership, we are making it easier for developers to use The Echo Nest and the Deezer APIs together to build music applications. Deezer has a deep catalog of millions of tracks that can be embedded in your application (full streams for subscribers and 30-second samples for non-subscribers). We think the combination of Deezer’s deep catalog with The Echo Nest’s deep music data will open the door to some amazing music applications.

In the partnership, we are adding support for Deezer artist and track IDs to all of our APIs via our Project Rosetta Stone. This means that you can use Deezer artist and track IDs with any Echo Nest call, and each Echo Nest API method  can be configured to return Deezer IDs. Our approach with Rosetta Stone eliminates the slow and error-prone manual mapping of one ID space to another, which would otherwise need to be done if you wanted to work with both APIs.

As an example, we’ve created a little playlist demo that uses the Deezer and The Echo Nest APIs together to create playlists you can listen to in your browser.

The application creates the playlist with The Echo Nest’s static playlist API. Using Rosetta Stone, the call is configured to return Deezer track information like so:

The Deezer track IDs returned by this call can be used directly with the Deezer API to get track information including artist images, album art, 30 second previews and more. The IDs can also be used with Deezer’s nifty music player widget, making it easy to embed Deezer in your web site. All the code for this demo is posted on github:  DeezerPlaylistDemo

The Deezer API is fantastic. It’s easy to use, and gives you great access to lots of content. We are excited to add Deezer to the set of music services enrolled in Rosetta Stone. This partnership eliminates friction between the Deezer and The Echo Nest APIs, making it easy for developers to use both services together.