Music Hack Day Reykjavik Spawns Infinite Gangnam Style

November 2, 2012

Oh, how we love a good Music Hack Day, which is one reason we’re proud to be a founding sponsor of this series, where various genius types gather to build amazing music technologies out of APIs, their ingenuity, and other tools.

The latest iteration took place in Reykjavik, Iceland, where our own director of developer community Paul Lamere was on hand to explain to the hackers how to use The Echo Nest API for maximum victory. As usual, he made his own hack, and it was a doozy.

Infinite Gangnam Style, which must be seen (and heard) to be believed, takes the worldwide smash hit song and video and turns it into an epic, never-ending cycle of ridiculousness. You can try it for yourself, or, if you’re too (understandably) afraid, you can watch a non-infinite video version to get an idea of how it works.

As Paul explains in his blog, Infinite Gangnam Style relies on The Echo Nest’s analyzer in two ways. First, it divides the whole song into discrete chunks that make musical sense. Then, it uses the analyzer to figure out which chunks are similar to each other, and then leaps between those, creating seamless transitions — and thus a never-ending version of the song and video, which is attracting attention on Hacker NewsForbes, and beyond.

Here’s the full list of hacks from Music Hack Day Reykjavik, courtesy of the wiki:

  1. GloveSynth (by GloveSynth team)
  2. Blast The Beat 3D (by GoJo team)
  3. Infinite Gangnam Style (By Paul Lamere)
  4. My Childhood Music (By Daniel Sigurgeirsson and Hilmar Kari Hallbjornsson)
  5. Remixer (By Aranja)
  6. ウクレレ (By Robb)
  7. Wallify (by Becky Stewart and Hakkavelin)
  8. ChartChopper or These Are Your Jams (by Ben)
  9. Close Encounters of the Heard Kind (by Ralph Cowling)
  10. Motion Control (by Konstantin)
  11. Drop Locker (by the Stitch squad)
  12. Tourent Partners (by Mike)
  13. Playing chords with monophonic Midi Rod (by Johannes Marx)
  14. Beepr distributed synth orchestra (By Jan Krutisch)
  15. Horsify (by Hugo)
  16. This is NOT My Jam (by Mads)
  17. GPS Parties(by Helge, Mads, Magnus and Nicklas)
  18. OMGIG (by The Endless Hack)
  19. Pitches (by Omid Aladini)
  20. Wallπ (by Marco Hamersma)
  21. Bakgrunn (by Elisa and Stefan)
  22. EMG Music (by Ragnar and Baldur)
  23. AudioTract (by Jóhann Friðgeir Jóhansson, Daniele Guevara, Sigurður Páll Árnason, Ari Björn Ólafsson)
  24. Daft Hänger (by Johan @freenerd)
  25. Browser Monome (by Paul Osman @paulosman)
  26. Wavy Beethoven (by Vladimir Viro @peachnote)
  27. GiNO (By JohnK. @knipjo)