Congratulations Matmos!

May 5, 2008

Matmos’s “Supreme Balloon” drops today. It’s an excellent record, you can buy it or hear a jam with some of the tracks. The Echo Nest was very proud to have contributed to the record by analyzing a bunch of the tracks and then making some waterfall plots on the timbre coefficients. Robert Syrett took our plot and drew an almost pixel-for-fiber rendition in watercolor. The watercolor as not-so-vague terrain under the Syrett balloon comprises the album cover.

Drew & Martin have been friends of the Nest since before there was a Nest — co-founder Brian first met them when he was a starving research scientist/electronic musician in NYC in 2000 (they’ve even been colocated) and they currently sit at the top of our nascent yet useful Musical Advisory Board. As a way-too-nice gift they gave us the original Syrett rendition that’s on the record, we immediately framed it up (after the co-founders Brian and Tristan fought about the mat color like an old married couple) and we gaze upon what might just be the first in a long series of Things Our Company Does That a Lot of People See.