The Echo Nest’s Taste Profile Similarity Will Bring People Together

July 12, 2012

The Echo Nest’s Taste Profiles help our customers figure out who their users are, musically speaking, so they can tailor products to fit each individual user. For example, an app might use Taste Profiles to assess a listener’s personal music collection, their song ratings, and their usage patterns, to provide a streaming radio station that will keep them happily listening for longer than they would have otherwise.

Today, Taste Profiles gets a spiffy new feature: Similarity.

Each music fan is a unique snowflake, of course, with unique preferences and predilections built up over a lifetime of listening. However, some snowflakes are more similar than others.

Taste Profile Similarity finds like-minded music fans within a group of any size, based on their Taste Profiles. This enhancement will help music services, social networks, and other customers of The Echo Nest do all sorts of neat stuff they couldn’t otherwise do, like introducing users to each other based on the fact that they like the same sort of music.

It’s a simple enough concept, but it has big implications for social media. Music services will be able to add powerful social features that make their services more valuable to users; likewise, social networks will have a new tool for grouping people in ways that make sense. We also expect entirely new apps to emerge as a result of Taste Profile Similarity; for example, smartphone games and dating networks could each implement this technology in fairly interesting ways.

For a taste of what Taste Profile Similarity can do, head over to The Echo Nest Director of Developer Platform Paul Lamere’s blog, MusicMachinery. He has posted a fascinating hack there called Stereotypes, which can tell you what kind of music fan you are, using this new technology.

The new Taste Profile Similarity feature is available starting today to customers of The Echo Nest, the world’s leading “big data” music company, with over a trillion data points and counting.