Introducing Artist.MTV Platform

August 15, 2012

If you’re looking for a reliable way to learn about an artist these days, the internet serves up a murky soup, at times — a mish-mash of sites and services — and you never really know what’s in it, even if you have the time to pick through it all. Is this really the latest news about that artist? Are her tour dates right? Is that hot new band you just heard about even updating its MySpace page anymore?

With the help of The Echo Nest, MTV has the answer: the Artist.MTV, which launches today, August 15. The site is now open for fans, and is available as a private beta for artists, many of whom have already expressed interest in the platform.

The Echo Nest’s relationship with MTV dates back to 2009. We power the MTV Music Meter, which helps keep MTV’s audience on top of the latest buzz bands for, the top music-focused destination on the web. However, the MTV Artist Registry is an even bigger deal, and actually incorporates the MTV Music Meter, plus many other amazing elements.

Artist.MTV is a well-designed, hyper-connected resource where fans can find accurate, real-time information about artists, and where those artists can have a say in making sure everything is up to date. It incorporates feeds from multiple sources for tour dates, artist management, and basic metadata, while The Echo Nest provides everything else, and the glue that holds all of these elements together. We provide:

  • relevant news, blog posts, videos, and biographies from the entire web, as well as the era and place of origin for artists;
  • sections in the Explore section that let fans browse both popular and emerging artists (formerly MTV Music Meter);
  • discovery features that let fans jump from artists they know they love to artists they might love next;
  • smart search technology that helps them find the band they’re looking for (and not the one with a similar name); and
  • real-time Facebook updates and Twitter feeds from the artists.

On the back end, our music intelligence platform provides all the plumbing that connects these elements, including those from the other MTV partners. The magic behind that aspect of Artist.MTV is our Rosetta Stone technology — a universal translator that allows disparate music services and social networks to speak the same musical language on a data level. (Rosetta Stone is also what allows us to pull the correct Facebook and Twitter feeds into MTV Artist Registry.)

To use the brand-spanking new MTV Artist Registry, fans have a number of options: They can click through the bright image grid, explore the popular, emerging, genre, and collection sections, or (our favorite) simply start typing the name of a band.

The decline of MySpace left a vacuum where there used to be a centralized resource for artist information, photos, videos, news, and status updates.

Artist.MTV, powered by The Echo Nest, should fill that vacuum.