New Rdio Rosetta catalogs

June 8, 2012

 This week we have extended our Rdio integration to include 19 new territories.  Developers can now write Rdio apps specific to any of these territories, making it possible to create region-specific Rdio apps.   The new Rdio catalogs are:

  • rdio-AT - Austria
  • rdio-AU - Australia
  • rdio-BR - Brazil
  • rdio-CA - Canada
  • rdio-CH - Switzerland
  • rdio-DE - Germany
  • rdio-DK - Denmark
  • rdio-ES - Spain
  • rdio-FI - Finland
  • rdio-FR - France
  • rdio-IE - Ireland
  • rdio-IT - Italy
  • rdio-NL - Netherlands
  • rdio-NO - Norway
  • rdio-NZ - New Zealand
  • rdio-PT - Portugal
  • rdio-SE - Sweden
  • rdio-UK - United Kingdom
  • rdio-US - United States

The new Rdio catalogs are full track-level catalogs. We have analyzed each Rdio track and provide a boat-load of interesting data around each of the songs, making all types of interesting applications possible.    We think that adding support for Rdio’s international catalog will open the door to some amazing music applications.  For more tech info on the new catalogs see this forum post.

As an example of the type of application that can be built using Rdio and The Echo Nest see The Music MazeThe Music Maze allows you to explore the world of music by following pathways through the complex world of artist relations.  With the Rdio/Echo Nest partnership, you can listen to full streams if you are an Rdio subscriber, and 30 second clips if you are not.  Since Rdio has a 7 day trial subscription (no credit card needed), you can sign up for a trial and use the Music Maze in all its full stream glory for a week.