Strong Showing at Music Hack Day Sydney

May 7, 2012

The Echo Nest, a founding sponsor of the Music Hack Day series, was pleased to see that 10 out of the 21 hacks created at Music Hack Day Sydney were powered by The Echo Nest’s deep musical intelligence.

Not counting the single pure-hardware hack (a homemade guitar), we powered half of what people built there.

The editor of, which is published by The Echo Nest, flew halfway around the world to attend the weekend-long event, reporting extensively. You can check out his round-up of the winners here.

From the Music Hack Day Sydney wiki, here’s the full list of hacks, with The Echo Nest-powered ones in bold:

  1. 8Bit Serato VJ - Generative NES Visuals running with Serato ITCH and Homemade hardware control
  2. SoCo (Sonos Controller) - Control your Sonos devices from the commandline, web app, or through SMS.
  3. Wish You Were Here - listen to the setlist of the gig you’re missing
  4. InstaSound (the real one) - real-time, tactile music discovery.
  5. Soundtastic - Music discovery engine with popup-video style info - EchoNest, Rovi
  6. rage++ - iPad app with dynamic playlists on Youtube & Rdio!
  7. freeScreeeaaam!!!!!! - using freesound analysis api to make ordered sets of audio sample
  8. Soundtrack of You - what song were your parents listening to when they made you?
  9. Ivy - Listen Later bookmarklet + collaborative listening using Rdio
  10. Facebook Hipster - Using your listening history on Facebook or, you can find out how much of a hipster you really are.
  11. Streaming API - An über simple API to play any track from any service, remove the geofences.
  12. Syd’s Kickass Drum Machine - A web based drum machine, featuring an array of drum kits, more importantly, bongos.
  13. This Was My Jam! - Listen to your old jam, while watching me eat my jam, in time with the beat.
  14. jPortal - A triple j content aggregator and Unearthed recommendations engine.
  15. tokStar - Sing karaoke and hang out with your friends online
  16. jlist - share your JJJ listening context
  17. Reccobot - Twitter-powered music recommendations
  18. AllTheStrings - Custom wound guitar pickups to detect which frets are being played in real-time
  19. What the Song!!! - Guess the name and artist of a jumbled song sample. Multiple choice doer easy access! Now with more exclamation marks!!! Only four songs for now, but can easily add more. Echo nest remix API high school football rulezzz!!!
  20. What the J! - A real time dashboard for Triple J / Music Sources with integration with external data and lyrics.
  21. De:coded - A tribute to Fela Kuti. Design hack. Physical deconstruction of digital music data into turntables, iPads and a laptop.