Songkick Joins Rosetta Stone for Concert Listings in Music Apps

April 23, 2012


The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone is on a roll. This unique service, which translates song and artist identifiers between music services such as Spotify, Rdio, Facebook, Twitter, LyricFind, Musicmatch and more, now includes Songkick — one of music fans’ favorite ways to find out when the bands they love are going to play their towns.

Music fans don’t need to understand anything about Rosetta Stone in order to benefit from our Songkick integration. When they use a Rosetta Stone-enabled music app on any platform, they’ll be able to view customized show listings for their area based on their musical taste alongside songs from Spotify and Rdio, artist’s tweets from Twitter, bands’ Facebook pages, and more, in countless different combinations.

For example, a fan could listen to an artist radio station in a Spotify-powered app when an alert pops up with show listings for that artist. Or, if the developer has incorporated Twitter, they could be checking out the artist’s tweets when a reminder pops up that the band is playing their town, with a link to buy tickets. The same goes for lyrics, music from several sources, fan-to-fan ticket sales, musical metadata, social networking services, and more, across every partner on Rosetta Stone(full list below).

None of this powerful cross-service integration requires extra work on the part of the developer, allowing them to deliver a better, more comprehensive experience to fans without worrying about how to connect the artists and songs on one service to the artists and songs on another service.

You’re welcome, app developers — but really, the pleasure is ours. We’re big fans of Songkick, and are pleased that they’re helping us to fulfill our vision of bringing artists and fans closer together through the power of big data, scaleable applications, and most importantly, the music that enriches all of our lives.

So far, The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone includes 7Digital, EMI, Facebook, Free Music Archive, JamBase, LyricFind, Musicbrainz, MusixMatch, Playme, Rdio, Seatwave, Songkick, SongMeanings, Spotify, and Twitter.