Spotify + The Echo Nest API… Spotify Apps Just Got Smarter

March 29, 2012

We’re happy to announce that The Echo Nest and Spotify have just integrated APIs, making it easy for any Spotify app developer to tap into The Echo Nest for all of the deep musical intelligence we offer. This partnership will make it easy for developers to mash up The Echo Nest and Spotify APIs to create all kinds of apps.

The Echo Nest is integrating Spotify IDs into a resolution service we call Rosetta Stone. This unique technology translates song and artist identifiers between music content and data APIs including Twitter, Facebook, Lyricfind, MusixMatch, 7Digital, EMI, Free Music Archive, MusicBrainz, Rdio and Seatwave, and also makes it easy to leverage The Echo Nest’s core music discovery and personalization features within a Spotify app.

Spotify has called its app platform the company’s “biggest announcement” since it launched, and rightfully so. In the first three months that Spotify apps were available, music fans listened to over 1,500 years of music within them. Giving the best app developers the tools to create amazing music apps is one of many areas where Spotify and The Echo Nest are driving the digital music industry forward. We both believe app developers are the future of music, reshaping how we all experience music every day.

Even before this partnership, millions of Spotify users enjoyed the power of The Echo Nest+Spotify. In addition to The Echo Nest powering the official Spotify radio, several successful third-party apps run outside of the Spotify client, such as SpotON Radio and Echofi.

With this partnership, we think that’s just the beginning.

Every Spotify app that relies on playlisting, personalization, or music discovery stands to benefit from The Echo Nest’s robust data platform. Any Spotify app that seeks to leverage the wealth of third-party data integrated into The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone will enjoy the ease with which that data can be incorporated. As songs play, an app could display lyrics, Tweets and Facebook updates from the artists being played alongside ticket offers. A radio app could pair the buzziest bands with reviews, biographies, and the option to branch off to a new station based on any song or artist. It all happens without extra work on the part of the developer through the magic of Rosetta Stone.

A wise (but very strange) employee of The Echo Nest once said that data is the DNA of software and APIs are its sex organs. We’re not exactly sure what that means for this partnership, but we’re pretty happy about it.