Video: Music Hack Day Amsterdam Yields 43 Clever Hacks

March 29, 2012

The Echo Nest is a founding sponsor of the Music Hack Day series, where programmers gather to build functional music apps over the course of a single weekend, as their less-motivated peers take it easy. Naturally, we were happy to see a healthy crop of clever hacks from the Amsterdam leg of the tour, which took place over the weekend.

The Echo Nest contributed in a new way to Music Hack Day Amsterdam, having recently added the world’s largest lyrics database, MusixMatch, to our unique Rosetta Stone technology. This allows developers (including but not limited to Music Hack Day participants) to incorporate lyrics into their apps more easily.

As we had hoped, the developers at Music Hack Day Amsterdam put MusixMatch to good use. Perhaps the neatest apps spawned by that integration were SoundWich, which used the metaphor of a monstrously large sandwich to depict the music a fan is looking for; and Spotivisualizer, which embeds MusixMatch’s lyrics in Spotify so you can see what the singer is saying.

It wasn’t all about MusixMatch — or even The Echo Nest, for that matter. Participants created 43 hacks in total over the course of the weekend using a total of 17 APIs. If you have the time, you can watch each one presented here — or if you don’t, check out the text list below.

Video streaming by Ustream

Here’s the whole list of hacks from Music Hack Day Amsterdam (courtesy of the wiki):

  1. Kinect VSS Visualization - A VSS visualization of the Kinect interface.
  2. HACKDEMO - An ubercool hack making you demo the shit out of you, using various APIs. (follow the link HACKDEMO for submission structure wiki page)
  3. ThisIsTheirJam - A chrome plugin to find the most “effective” jam by analysing your followers favourite songs and suggesting a track that is likely to be well received
  4. Cheapskate - Is this song really romantic?
  5. DongHua - The hottest animated gifs from the web with matching music in spotify
  6. PlayGo - Putting the “spot” into Spotify.
  7. CloudTracker2.0 - A hommage to ye olde music programme
  9. Soundfluence - Tracking your musical influence. Now available on
  10. CitySonar - Using the geographical features of a city (its bars, schools, parks and even brothels) to create musical notes.
  11. EML2MLW 3000 Transform Robots’ EMC Chatter to mechanical longitudinal waves and blast them to pieces. Please bring earplugs.
  12. SMS Trivia Tool - Answer simple music questions (album, song, discography) via SMS.
  13. 4setz - We are about helping you to store, retrieve and find sets that you love. [1]
  14. 7digital Tomahawk Resolvers - Get 7digital search with previews into Tomahawk and stream user’s purchases
  15. SCRBLX - Scrobble Exchange - Buy and sell shares of artists. Share prices are the realtime listening figures.
  16. Tryalogue - Text to speech to speech recognition. Let your phone talk to itself.
  17. Sonos-Rovi - Get album reviews, artist bios and related artists for music in your collection.
  18. Remix:crowdsourced - Find the best remix/reshuffle of pieces of a song based on how well different combinations of pieces fit together.
  19. Soundwich - Bigger is better. API Mashup, Interface Experiment
  20. Gamedrop - An homage to name-drops, inspired by the true king of namedrops: The Game.
  21. Realtime Tracks in Spotify - A quick hack to bring’s realtime data inside Spotify and let the user listen with one click.
  22. MusixMatchMoogMaxMSP - the ThereminKaraokeSystem. Uses the MusixMatch API to find lyrics & subtitles; “sings” them by theremin-controlled VoiceSynthesis.
  23. - Now anyone can tune into or Rickroll the 7digital office stereo!
  24. Youtify - Now with followers, subscriptions and profiles!
  25. BunnyBoogie - Now the Nabaztag Bunny can listen, upload & dance
  26. Autotune the Everything - Put two youtube video’s in, one with speech and one with (background) music and get a new, combined, autotuned video
  27. Waverider - The game that let’s you ride your own music. Upload an mp3/ogg and go!
  28. Biograph - Recommendations with explanations.
  29. MoonMusic - Webcam 2 sound tool to socialize with your neighbors
  30. Mio - Multiple-Input/Output Sound System for Webkit!
  31. Bruno (Browser-based Juno) - Browser based Juno-inspired synthesizer
  32. BeatBarack - A visualiser for realtime beatboxing sounds.
  33. SpotiVisualizer - A lyrics visualizer for Spotify.
  34. The awesometastic lyrics frobnifier - Does what it says on the tin
  35. Beasties - Get some noise making beasties on you iPad via SoundCloud
  36. HearMyFace - Use you face as a midi controller while keeping both hands on your keys
  37. Fullhouse - A collaborative synthesizer
  38. FriendWave – Real-time social music
  39. ElektrischeSteelpanMagnetron3000 - Game pads are so 1990
  40. Axolotl - ARM Cortex-M based virtual analog synth
  41. Bluetooth MIDI interface – A circuit+MIDI driver that converts MIDI devices to wireless MIDI devices
  42. RoBUZZ - iPhone controlled multiplayer quiz
  43. FINAL: It’s raining bits! - Raindrops turned into music

Photo: Flickr/roeland.p