New Face at Music Hack Day SF: Seatwave

February 8, 2012

The Echo Nest’s longtime support, sponsorship, and organization of the popular Music Hack Day series continues in San Francisco on February 11, as software geniuses and hardware hackers converge once again to build amazing music apps in a single weekend.

How do they do it? Ingenuity, collaboration, and hard work, of course — but also by tapping into APIs from The Echo Nest and other companies, so they don’t have to build everything from scratch.

In anticipation of the Music Hack Day San Francisco, we’re happy to announce a new participating API: Seatwave, Europe’s top ticket exchange for music, sports and other live events.

Just in time for Music Hack Day San Francisco, Seatwave has integrated with The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone platform, so that developers can hook their apps into Seatwave’s ticketing platform at a deep level.

This will enable apps at Music Hack Day and beyond to integrate a wide range of ticket-buying features within their apps, without a lot of fuss. On top of that, developers can earn a portion of the ticket revenue when users buy tickets through their apps.

"We believe the future of e-commerce is a fully-distributed one, and having built Europe’s leading ticket marketplace, we’re now excited to join The Echo Nest ecosystem, helping developers across the world to monetize their apps and provide a great user experience," said Joe Cohen, CEO of Seatwave. "I cannot wait to see what people come up with at the Hack Day."

"We’re excited to bring Seatwave’s API into Rosetta Stone so developers can incorporate their event dates and purchase links into music applications," said Shane Tobin, director of strategic partnerships for The Echo Nest. "We believe Seatwave’s affiliate program is a great way for developers to earn revenue and will give music fans the ability to purchases tickets to concerts all around the world via these apps."

The Echo Nest has been a part of Music Hack Day since day one, and it has been a real pleasure watching it bloom. See you in San Francisco.