The Echo Nest Powers Spotify Radio

December 16, 2011


Spotify has over ten million users, 2.5 million or so of whom pay for the premium version. It also has over 15 million tracks available as free streams, and the (well-deserved) attention of the music community.

But there’s one thing Spotify didn’t have until now: artist and song radio stations. Thanks to Spotify’s deal with The Echo Nest, users of the popular music service can now create streaming radio stations based on any artist or song on Spotify. The stations are generated by The Echo Nest’s Playlist API, and are available both to free and premium Spotify subscribers.

To make this as easy as possible, Spotify populates the Create New Station menu with artists the user has already “liked.” Of course, Spotify users can also simply enter any user name to create a station that way.

The new Spotify Radio, powered by The Echo Nest, adds a powerful new discovery engine to Spotify that will not only make the service more attractive to users, but could increase their chances of converting to a paid subscription.

With over 15 million songs sitting there, it can be daunting to figure out what to listen to. Spotify Radio offers a valuable new way for music fans to find more of what they like within the music service. As they listen to Spotify Radio, they can click the currently-playing artist or track in order to explore them further. 

The new Radio app is currently available in the preview version of Spotify, and will roll out to all Spotify users over the coming weeks.