Some API updates

September 9, 2011

We’ve just pushed out some updates to our API. The biggest change is enhanced support for personalized playlisting via catalog and catalog radio playlists.  More about the playlist updates in a separate post.   Some of the other updates are:

  • Support for DMCA static playlists - you can now generate static playlists that conform to the DMCA performance compliment
  • The Catalog/Read method now allows you to specify an individual item id letting you retrieve catalog information for a particular item without needing to read the whole catalog.  Here’s an example of reading a single item from a song catalog
  • The Catalog/Feed method now supports a high_relevance parameter allowing you to restrict feed results to those that are most relevant.

We are always working to provide the best music intelligence API we can. And we hope that all of you developers will keep building cool things with it!